Top cyber security practices 2020

How do we know that our devices are safe and not compromised by any hacker. Before knowing about that, things to know first is the sensitivity and importance of our data and information stored in the device or in a computer. It’s not a difficult task to understand these terms and then applying top cyber security practices 2020 to your device to make sure everything is under control.

In this article there are things to know about the sensitivity of a mobile device or computer and there are some security measures that we should take to save our data from any kind of virus attack.

What happened in the past:

Recently a number of cyber attacks happened around the world, Pakistan is one of the country which was under cyber attacked in 2018. The people of this country suffered from the massive financial crisis just because of the unknown authorities breached the security of 22 banks. Stole the data of 20,000 customers and sold that data to dark web. More than 6 million dollars transferred into the different accounts around the world. Hacking become a business now. After stealing the data they sell it to the dark web which is having a supply chain around the world. Dark web offers money in cryptocurrency because, that currency can not be traced by any authority.

Pakistan isn’t the only country suffered from these kind of attacks there are many other countries.
In 2017 NHS (National Health Service) computers were infected by the well known virus “Wanna Cry”. That ransom attack cost the NHS more than $100 million. Because of this attack, NHS bears a great loss and inconvenience to their patients as well. There are a number of such cyber attacks we can find on the internet.
Only setting a strong passwords is not the best cyber security practices, security can now be breached if you click on the links that hidden in spam emails.

Every single person in this world who is using smartphone devices or computer systems should know that how could they save their systems from hackers. That’s the purpose of writing the article like cyber security practices to make systems more secure.

Understanding how should a user interact with the system:

These kind of issues occurs when people think there mobile devices and systems are safe and cannot ever be compromised. But keep that in mind if you have opened a back door or a window for them, they can steal anything they want. That means if you ever installed a wrong application from unknown sources or you just simply clicked on the link that these hackers sent you via email or from other channels. Then there are chances that your device could be controlled and compromised by any other person. Hackers can break firewalls and security and got access to others system. Cyber security practices can help us to understand how a system works and how people find the back door in your system, cyber security practices help us to close all the doors and system get secured.

Why our systems or devices got hacked:


  • They don’t have any proper cyber security check.
  • People are not well aware of these kind of attacks.
  • They don’t know how to make sure that their devices are secure and there isn’t any virus or malware that can cause a security breach.

Tools to hack a system or a mobile device:

Hackers are very genius people. Hackers work individually or in a community. Once they hacked a system or device before that, they monitor them for some time. After watching them for days, they search for the exact files and folders. Then they can encrypt your important files and show you a message that pay me if you want access to your files again. Most of the tools hacker used has built in options in KAALI LINUX (a kind of operating system). This operating system has a number of options that allow a user to fully compromise a mobile device or a computer system.

When we go into a building which contain high confidential data, stored in their systems. Why unauthorized people can’t have access to them or we cannot go to that room in which their servers installed? Because their systems could be hacked and compromised with a single programmed USB. That is why authorities make sure that no one would bring any kind of digital devices. That could cause harm to their systems like guns or bullets to a person. These are the basic security measures that official take while we enter into their area or buildings.

Simply my point is, if we own a mobile device or a computer system, then we should have the knowledge that how its security a person can breach. How could we make it as secure as it should be. After all, it’s your own data and the information stored in the system if anyone can have access to them, they can use that information for illegal purposes.

So here are some security measures we should take to make our systems and mobile devices more secure:

  • Install latest antivirus to your computer systems
  • Do not connect your systems or mobile devices to the public wifi. It makes easy for hackers to breach the security of the devices connecting to a same network.
  • Set a strong a password to every single account that you have included social media accounts.
  • Do not reply to spam emails from the persons whom you don’t recognize, and if you do then make sure that why they need that information.
  • Do not click on the links if someone offers you million dollar with a single click, that’s a trap.
  • Use antivirus in your mobile devices.
  • Customize “Play protect” a google play store features installed in android devices.
  • Do not install applications from unknown sources.
  • Encrypt your mobile devices from security option and it’s very important.
  • If any friend wants to use your mobile then create another user account for them and that’s how they couldn’t get any access to your private files.

Conclusion – Top cyber security practices 2020

So the only person who can make your data secure is just you. Your data is your responsibility. If We buy or sell online that’s why it’s important to take care of these kind of issues. Above mentioned security tips can help you to secure data, because nobody wants to lose his/her important data. Hopefully, I made my point clear. In the past, stealing someone’s data or hacking was a kind of learning process, but now a days it became a business. But these kind of attacks happening to us right after we install or click on the information about we don’t know anything and we thought it’s someone else fault. No! if its our data, then securing the data is also our responsibility.

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