Privacy Policy

Who are we?

We provides you a reliable service of shopping online and also we provide you to read reviews on different products that you buy online. There is always a threat of deceitful sites using your personal information for many illicit motives. That why users usually have doubts about whether to trust the website or not. Our website cares for your personal data and gives you the assurance of protecting data at all costs. Here we will explain the kind of information we take when you use our assistance and how do we protect your privacy.

What we collect?

As our site provides you online buying service through Amazon, it is important for us to know your interests. For this purpose, the browser asks you to allow if we can collect personal identification cookies. Web cookies basically identify and capture your interest when you use our site. It is the latest and most secured way of storing data.

Moreover, we mostly use session cookies to store your information which means your information is saved temporarily. It does not gather data from a user’s computer and is not retained when browser is closed.

Why we collect your data?

  • To provide even better services to you by knowing general info about your choices and interests (by customizing our website to suit your buying preferences);
  • To enhance your experience;
  • To provide a healthy user-interference;
  • To manage seamless services and improve our site;
  • To safeguard the security operation of our site and detect any fraud;

Data processing principles

  • The personal information we collect is just your name and address – mainly information that is necessary in delivering customer’s item or product.
  • We always consider your consent before processing personal data. It is done only when necessary.
  • Your Processed data is stored only for a certain period and will be erased automatically when you clear the cookies from your browser.
  • We assure the protection and reliability of your processed data.

How we protect your data?

  • We keep our software up-to-date and do our best to keep the data safe by scanning our system for attacks or any possible vulnerability;
  • There is a strict policy about sharing your personal information. In case of any share of your details, you have the right to file a legal complaint about it.
  • However, we are not responsible if your browser gets infected by visiting pirated or unsafe sites.

Customer’s legal rights

  • You have the right to know when your data is being processed, what kind of data we take, why it is processed and how we obtained it.
  • We will provide you the reason if, in some certain cases, we refuse your request. If you are not contented by the ways we manipulate your request kindly contact us.
  • You can erase or correct your personal data from our records just by erasing cookies from your browser history.
  • Can file a case against us for incautious use of your personal information.
  • You have the right to object automated processing of data and restrict us from processing at any time.

Third party interference

As we implement third party advertising and include its products they may have access to your information. These websites have a separate privacy policy. You should read their privacy policy for your satisfaction. However, these sites are authentic and there’s less chance of any liability. For instance, Google and Amazon access your cookies to recommend better ideas.

Bottom line

Since you are the owner of your personal data, you have all the rights to lodge complaint against us in case of any liability by us.
Securing your data is our first and foremost priority and we guarantee you its maximum protection. We have all the right reserved to make any changes in the privacy policy. However, we will notify about any change in the way we treat your information.

Experience our wonderful services of buying online without any fear of misuse of information you provide us.